Acceptance Mark
IEC/UL 62368-1 和 IEC/UL60950-22
Outdoor Use Communication Video Products Request for IEC/UL 62368-1 and IEC/UL60950-22 Plastic Case Requirements:

Internet of Things (IoT), fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G), and artificial intelligence (AI) are mature. Manufacturers are constantly developing outdoor equipment related to market demand, such as outdoor APs, Outdoor CPE. (outdoor customer-premises equipment) or outdoor monitor (Outdoor Camera or Home security camera), this type of product in addition to the product itself needs to comply with the audio and video information product standard IEC / UL / EN 62368-1, but also additional evaluation IEC / UL/EN 60950-22, which is primarily used to assess the safety of information and audio products installed outdoors.

The IEC/UL/EN 60950-22 standard is different from the commonly used waterproof and dustproof certification standard IEC 60529 (IP65, IPX4, etc.). IEC/UL/EN 60950-22 not only evaluates the waterproof characteristics, but also The material is evaluated for long-term UV resistance (UV) or Corrosion resistance or Gasket aging.

Among them, UL has separate parts certification for UV-resistant (UV-resistant) plastic housing. The use of UL-certified plastic materials can save test time and cost, and reduce the risk of failing to pass the test.