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Multimedia devices CE certification will apply the new standard EN 55032 / switching power supply adapter
February 2014, the EU issued a list of the latest standards EMC Directive coordination,emission requirements for multimedia equipment will be required to comply with the new standards EN 55032:2012 and EN 55032:2012/AC:2013,to replace the original equipment for the multimedia category EN 55013: 2013, EN 55022: 2010, EN 55103-1: 2009 and its amendments member,instead of the standard inference is compliance date of March 5, 2017,that version of the standard test report issued in accordance with the Declaration of Conformity is no longer valid after this date.

Due to the gradual integration of technology,function information technology equipment and integration of audio and video equipment to start,future technology development will lead to more and more binding ITE and audio and video features of the product,the original single radio disturbance standard EN55013: 2013 (audio and video products) and EN 55022: 2010 (Information Technology Equipment) can not fully meet the requirements,many functions including audio, video and ITE devices (such as a television receiver apparatus PC) in the choice of applicable standards can cause distress and confusion.the newly revised multimedia devices EMC immunity standard is applicable to a rated voltage not exceeding 600V (ac rms or dc) multimedia devices,the product range includes information technology equipment (IT equipment), the combination of audio and video equipment, radio receiving equipment, entertainment lighting control apparatus or device described above,will effectively ensure that such products on emission testing and evaluation of conformity.

The standard itself is mainly a combination of emission characteristics of multimedia devices developed on the basis of the reference EN55013 and EN 55022 related content on radio disturbance standards.For conducted emission,in addition to traditional 0.15 ~ 30MHz of tests,TV, FM radio tuner and RF port injection port at 30MHz ~ 2150MHz also set forth requirements.The same limits and EN55013 or EN55022 corresponding item.For radiation emission,in 30 ~ 1000MHz,1 ~ 6GHz with CISPR 22 specifies the same 10-meter limit,but also increased the content of 3-meter limit.

In fact, there will not be much of a difference based on the above test, the vast majority of Switching Power Supply or AC Adapter!

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